BEST Communities - Under a contract with the Greater Philadelphia Federation of Settlements, the Partnership facilitates training for personnel of youth serving agencies to increase their ability to effectively work with youth. The three-day training is for front-line workers as well as supervisors.

Conflict Resolution/Cultural Diversity/Team Building/Sexual Harassment/Parenting Training-These trainings are tailored to the needs of the organization, school, business, or group and utilize an experiential approach to learning. The Partnership has trained school district administrators and teachers, the Berks County Court Judges and Court Department supervisors, businesses, community groups, and students. All trainings are offered in English and Spanish and are culturally appropriate.

Internship Opportunities

A variety of internship experiences are available to undergraduate and master's level students from many backgrounds. Experiences are tailored to meet the students' needs, depending on what programs are able to accommodate them at any given time. Most internships offer some type of social service experience, and there is also opportunities focused on office management/secretarial experiences.


Currently, the Partnership receives funds through grants and contracts with the following:

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