Who are we?

We are a program funded by the Office of Minority Health that promotes active and healthy lifestyles for the families of Reading Pennsylvania.

How we do it?

Bilingual home visitors visit the families at their home and deliver the evidence-base EatPlayGrow curriculum.

Why we do it?

Childhood obesity has risen to epidemic levels in our nation, with serious health consequences.

Children with obesity face a heightened risk for many serious and chronic health conditions during their youth, including type 2 diabetes, sleep disorders, and risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

In what we focus?

  1. Increase the consumption of fruits and veggies
  2. Decrease the time children spend in front of the television, computer, or video game screens
  3. Increase the time spent in physical activities
  4. Decrease the consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks

What do families need to participate?

  1. Live in Reading
  2. Have at least 1 kid 2-6 year


Families participating in the program will receive periodic incentives such as:

  • Healthy snacks
  • Smart bands
  • Balls
  • Books
  • Albright College Gym Membership




Our Mission

The mission of the Partnership is to make a difference by offering a variety of prevention services to the Berks County community that help to address problems and risks associated with: alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs; violence; teen pregnancy; abuse; crime; school dropout; and other related social issues.

Community Prevention Partnership

200 North Penn Street

Reading, PA 19602

Phone: (610) 376-6988

Alt. Phone: (610) 376-6077

Fax: (610) 376-5052